Thai massages/ classic massages




                  Thai massages




Traditional Thai  massage (60/90 minutes 750/1050 Kč)
The massage uses stretching problematic areas and compressing points in the so-called energy centers. It supports the flow of energy in the body and relaxes.    

Aroma oil relaxation massage (60/90 minutes 750/1050 Kč)
It contains elements of Indian Ayurveda, has a positive effect on the mind and tired muscles. Less pressure is applied to the individual points and warm massage oil is used.

Back and neck massage (30/60 minutes 400/750 Kč)
It relieves tension in the upper half of the back, head, shoulders and neck, which occurs during frequent sitting. The therapist uses pressures and touches on the acupressure points.

Reflexology foot massage (30/60 minutes 400/750 Kč)
Stimulation of reflex points, points connecting the feet with individual parts of the body, organs and glands, has a positive effect on the whole organism and mind.

Hot stone massage (60/90 minutes 900/1250 Kč)
A massage that relaxes and warms up especially in the winter months. It stimulates well the blood circulation and lymphatic system and warms the muscles. Stimulates the immune system, reduces muscle pain before menstruation.

Warm herbal bags massage (60/90 minutes 900/1250 Kč)
During the massage, warm herbal bags are placed where the energy flows. Herbs help to perfectly relax the body and reduce stress and overload as well as improve breathing. It helps reduce swelling and bruising and contributes to the regeneration of tendons and joints after injury or chronic inflammation. Reduces muscle spasms. This massage is also very suitable after childbirth.

Maternity massage (60/90 minutes 750/1050 Kč)
The massage is aimed at relieving and reducing muscle and joint pain, improving the mood of the pregnant lady and adjusting blood pressure. Helps to improve sleeping.

Four hand massage (60/90 minutes 1500/2100 Kč)
Massage performed simultaneously by two therapists. Type of massage is according to the customer's wishes, most often aroma - oil or traditional Thai massage.

Body scrub (30/60 minutes 400/750 Kč)
It helps to remove dead skin cells that otherwise form a dry and rough surface or dark spots or wrinkles. The procedure reduces oiliness of the skin and thus helps prevent acne, makes pores smaller, reduces wrinkles and stretch marks. After the treatment, the skin is smoother, more elastic and generally rejuvenated. Chose your scrub: sweet coffee or salted oats.

Body scrub and massage ritual (90 minutes 1250 Kč)
The first 30 minutes takes a coffee or salt peeling (according to your choice), followed by a shower and 50 minutes of oil relaxation massage. 


Massages by Czech therapists


Sports and reconditioning massage

30 min

CZK 400

60 min

CZK 750

Relaxation oil massage

60 min

CZK 750

90 min

CZK 1050

Indian anti-stress head massage

60 min

CZK 600


Foot massage

60 min

CZK 750


Hot stone massage

60 min

CZK 900


Rehabilitation massage

+Spine mobilization

60 min

CZK 850